I have two Poms and they are my favorite breed of dogs. I have a 2 year old, she is black and I also have a 8 month old, he is brown. They have been a great pair but training is key with any kind of dog. I started them both out on leashes with body harnesses; I highly recommend them for teaching them out in public. I found some fun facts on Yahoo Voices. Some of the facts were surprising and neat to learn about, I compared some of the personality qualities to my Poms and they are very accurate. I have grown up with all kinds of different breeds but Poms are small, easy to take care of and great companions.  

Fun facts about Pomeranian dogs #1: Originated from Pomerania, Germany.

Fun facts about Pomeranian dogs #2: Pomeranians come in different colors.

Fun facts about Pomeranian dogs #3: Pomeranians make excellent guard dogs.

Fun facts about Pomeranian dogs #4: A Pomeranian survived the sinking of the Titanic!

Fun facts about Pomeranian dogs #5: Theodore Roosevelt owned a Pomeranian.

Fun facts about Pomeranian dogs #6: Recognized as official dog breed in U.S. in 1900

Fun facts about Pomeranian dogs #7: Pomeranians have a double coat.

Fun facts about Pomeranian dogs #8: Pomeranians are highly intelligent and extroverted.

Fun facts about Pomeranian dogs #9: Pomeranians have been in numerous movies.

Fun facts about Pomeranian dogs #10: Hereditary defect is a luxating patella. 

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Crisis Communication

Crisis communication and social media are a par that goes hand in hand. You can help support one with the other. Social media has given companies that chance to redeem themselves and get their statement out to their audience and public faster. There is quote from the article that stood out to me because every piece of the statement is true to its word.  “Google has shortened our patience thresholds and made waiting for information unbearable. And thanks to Facebook and Twitter with their ticker-like activity streams, we expect new information every time we refresh the screen. Everything else is stale.” the article title is Crisis Communication in the Network Age and writte by Eric Schwartzman We become more and more impatient when we can have news stories available immediately. As societies we have grown to living fast pace our Internet is getting faster, getting information faster and much more. It is not a surprise that we have became technology obsessed so having companies make public statements apologizing, clarifying a situation or anything, that it is made first on social media. What better way for these businesses to reach their clients and audience for an important issue that needs to be resolved.

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Holiday Shopping

Shopping online this year for Christmas is more than likely how I will be getting all my gifts this year. I do not look forward in shopping with the large crowd and stores have now started running good deals on their online sites. Companies are accommodating to online shoppers by making special offers and deals for them to not have to go out to their stores. There are a lot of stores that create unique ideas for reasonably priced items to give as gifts one of the sites I found was Etsy and Wanelo also has links to gift ideas. Coming from a college student who is on a strict budget it is nice to find gifts for everyone in the family that I can afford. Pinterest also has great DIY ideas which includes gifts for all ages. 

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Living Social

Crisis communication occurs everyday and every company has to be prepared that it could be them. There are so many reasons for a company to have a crisis dealing with employees, social media, finance, or customers. Living Social recently under went a crisis communication because their internet site went down for 2 days which is a large issue for them since their business strictly comes from their site a long with their app. They made a few public apologies and also explained in short detail what happen to the site. The site went down on Tuesday at noon and by Wednesday they were posting a blog announcing their embarrassment. Ragan’s PR Daily also shared that Living Social’s “outrage due to an internal issue, and nothing external. It suffered a cyber security breach in April. Crisis Communication is a key team to have if a situation happens at their company A company has to recover from a mistake either they made or an employee made that could have reflected badly on them. Thankfully for Living Social their site was back up Thursday morning. 

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Event Planning

Event planning happens all the time and social media can play a large part in it. I have had personal experience in the sports industry with planning events and there is so much that goes in to it. Adding social media into the mix can allow those followers to be involved with the behind the scenes of the event. Updating social media during the set up of an event, during and after are becoming more and more popular because it is allowing the audience to really become involved. Likes, Favorites Retweets and Shares are all becoming more important to companies/ teams to see how much their fans are involved.

The Louisville Sports Commission for example of a company that will post when they are setting up for events/races, during and after their events. It is important to post about the events so that more and more people in the Louisville area will become aware of them. When we are planning an event it is important to get sponsors also involved on social media so it can expand our following. There is so much that goes into event planning and I enjoy learning each time I participate in a new event.

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Dallas Mavericks Speaker

I loved her energy and hard work. It was so nice hearing from someone who is our age and has gone through what most of us will experience here soon. It was very informing learning about all the things she used from class to now where she is working for example Topsy and TweetDeck. As I get closer to graduation I am like most seniors and getting nervous about what I will do after I graduate. She gave a lot of encouragement to take risk and go after what you want to do. I have gotten a lot of inspiration by listening to her and what can happen with hard work. I am currently with the Louisville Sports Commission and I would love to stay on with them and continue my work with them. It was great hearing her talk about having tough skin. People will get down on you but you are not perfect and you have to pull yourself up and keep up the hard work.

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Nike Fuel Band

Recently I received Nike Fuel Band as a gift and I love it! The band has different features that it counts besides having a clock on it. The different features include counting steps, Nike fuel points, and a calorie count. There is an app you can download that you can sync you band with, so everyday when you sync you activity you can see it broken down. The app gives you awards for your activity and also shows you graphs covering your progress. Apple has teamed up with Nike Fuel Band and so you can only download the app if you have a apply device. Coming from someone who works out regularly it is nice to have this device that can help me keep track of my daily routine. One of the features shows you in percentages your activity broken up throughout the day. I definitely recommend this app to any who works regularly and wants a tracker to help them.

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Hootsuite University Certification Program II

As I have started my certification I have learned so much. There are so many aspects to LinkedIn, Google +, and Klout that I did not know about when I created my accounts. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, there are strategies, influential aspects and much more to learning how to properly use all these social media sites. 5 Best Practices for New Facebook Pages was very informing to me because I am currently helping the company I intern for run their Facebook pages.  They have have multiply pages for all their events and each one has a different direction to the way we post pictures, statuses, links and more. Cover page, Pinned Posts, Highlighting Post, Milestones, and Apps are the 5 best practices and these truly are going to help me with the way I run Facebook pages from now on. 

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Why is it so hard to find a costume? I like simple and plain but that isnot what Halloween is about. If you go to the store you see these crazy fun costumes but I finally found something that was perfect for me. I found a kit that had a zipper that you can put on your face in many different positions. In the picture posted this is a very different spin on the original make up that goes with it. Adding these colors allowed me make the rest of my costume very girly and dressy. Costumes are fun but doing more withyour make up changes character completely. I really enjoyed doing my make up and dressing up with this unique style.  Crazy-Halloween-Makeup-Rainbow-Zipper-Face_thumb

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Social Entertainment

Hollywood stories, TV shows, Movie premiers and many other topics that are found on social media sites that attract people to follow and interact with each other. We are surrounded by entertainment everyday and social media is a large contributor to how we get informed. Advertisers are increasing their presents on media sites and partnering up with other companies to team up. This is a way for them to be a part of our every day lives and make it known to us who they are. These advertisements do not even stand out to us that often since we are so use to seeing them on sites. There are some companies that try harder then others to gain followers and promote their product. You can find advertisements everywhere, social media sites, video games, in movies and TV shows. Radio shows are also an example of great social entertainment. I listen to a talk show in the morning that is full of news and stories all about social media, entertainment and basic everyday news. 

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