Apps Apps and More Apps

Average number of Apps on Phones

What kind of apps do you have? What social media apps do you have? How many apps do you have? These are just some basic questions we ask each other everyday about our phones and technology. There are so many new and unique apps coming out everyday and we have incorporated this into our everyday lives. I counted the apps I currently have on my phone which is 38. I found a an article on Velositor that stated “In 2011, the average iPhone user had 44 apps on their device, while this number dropped to 32 for Android smartphone users.” This was interesting to read because I was very much interested in seeing how many apps other people had. After reading this i took the type of phone into consideration but apps still are everywhere no matter who you are.


About cynthiajackson

I am a senior at the University of Louisville and currently interning at the Louisville Sports Commission. I also work at the YMCA.
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