Pictures and videos

Infographics and visualization are taking over social media. it does matter what items you are attaching to a post or a tweet. every target audience is looking for that “wow” factor and majority of the time it is the visual that is attached. when it comes to strategic posting you have to be careful not to just post repetitive items nor boring items that don’t have to say much. every item that is posted needs to have a certain meaning behind it to get the audience talking. one company that does a great job with visualizations is Churchill Downs. their pictures are appealing, they keep you wanting to check for an update or the next posting. as a society we are so used to getting on social media and seeing pictures and videos but we don’t realize that they become addicting.   


About cynthiajackson

I am a senior at the University of Louisville and currently interning at the Louisville Sports Commission. I also work at the YMCA.
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