Social Consumers

We are all social consumers in some way if we are on social media. We are surrounded by advertisements and businesses that are throwing their products to us. As consumers it makes since for businesses to join networks that their target audience is on to promote specials, new items they have and much more.  There was a great article from the Huffington Post, the article title was Brand Building: Connecting With Consumers Through Social Media. This article has a list of the things to do to build your consumers; this list includes the following, Being authentic, Remain Relevant, Be Persistent and Be Consistent. This list caught my eye because it is a very accurate list of the things I would be looking for as a consumer. The article is very informative for businesses to follow when they are trying to build their social media sites. It is not easy to keep up with all the social media sites and all the new features that are always coming out. It takes a lot of work and dedication for a company to keep up with their social media sites to impress us (the consumers). 


About cynthiajackson

I am a senior at the University of Louisville and currently interning at the Louisville Sports Commission. I also work at the YMCA.
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