Living Social

Crisis communication occurs everyday and every company has to be prepared that it could be them. There are so many reasons for a company to have a crisis dealing with employees, social media, finance, or customers. Living Social recently under went a crisis communication because their internet site went down for 2 days which is a large issue for them since their business strictly comes from their site a long with their app. They made a few public apologies and also explained in short detail what happen to the site. The site went down on Tuesday at noon and by Wednesday they were posting a blog announcing their embarrassment. Ragan’s PR Daily also shared that Living Social’s “outrage due to an internal issue, and nothing external. It suffered a cyber security breach in April. Crisis Communication is a key team to have if a situation happens at their company A company has to recover from a mistake either they made or an employee made that could have reflected badly on them. Thankfully for Living Social their site was back up Thursday morning. 


About cynthiajackson

I am a senior at the University of Louisville and currently interning at the Louisville Sports Commission. I also work at the YMCA.
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